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November 12, 2018 5 min read 1 Comment

Originally published on January 18, 2018

I wanted to quickly share 4 ways that I use Aloe Vera on my hair. Aloe Vera's high water content makes it extremely moisturizing; it also contains antioxidants such as magnesium, zinc, and selenium that protect the hair (and skin) from damage caused by sunlight, pollution, and chemicals. Additionally, it reduces dandruff and hair fall, and it strengthens and conditions the hair. Aloe Vera has the same PH as our hair so it can close the cuticle and add shine. I get it for free from my mom's house but I have a small plant at home. I went to the grocery store last week and a huge leaf was only $3. If it’s not available in your area I have seen a lot of people online use this juice and I’m sure they sell it at Whole Foods too I’m just never looking for it. If you try it and you love it you’re probably going to want to get a plant. They are super low maintenance and they grow pretty fast too!

  1. When pre-pooing my hair I rub fresh aloe directly on my scalp. Warning: it feels absolutely amazing. It's very soothing and can help with scalp irritations. Using aloe this way prevents shedding which in turn helps you retain more length. I discovered this mid last year from my homegirl Whitney - she doesn’t know it but we are best friends. I’ll link the original video here. I’ve noticed recently that sooo many natural hair “influencers” are hopping on the aloe train… and they should! Lol. It was pretty popular on YouTube after this video but I’m starting to see it all over Instagram too. I think I’ve mentioned aloe in almost every post thus far. This God sent plant is very inexpensive and extremely moisturizing… aka… it’s my (actual) best friend. In the video you can see how she applies it, I do the same. I section my hair and then take each section and part smaller sections so that I can massage the aloe directly on to my scalp. Then I will add to my hair and scalp an oil or a mix of few. I actually have this on my hair right now and I used an oil mix infused with Ayurvedic herbs. I only leave it in for a few hours and then I will shampoo. I don’t shampoo every time I wash but I do shampoo every time I pre-poo my scalp with oil. (That is the point - to prep your scalp for the shampoo) I have been doing this once or twice a month since May or June of last year and I can definitely say that I have noticed a positive change. Prior to this, I was still struggling with finding a balance between co-washing and shampooing and I really didn’t know how to treat my scalp. Right before I saw this video on her channel I was dealing with my scalp flaking up and I wasn’t sure how to prevent that without over cleansing. Looking back since I started adding this regularly to my routine I have ZERO flaking, noooo itching, and my hair overall retains moisture better. Keep in mind though I have also finally figured out a solid hair care routine that works and I keep up with it... Religiously. Post on that coming soon.

  2. I spray fresh aloe juice on my hair immediately after I’m done with my wash routine. I don’t have to explain why right? Lol. Aloe juice is easy to make and it cost me 0 dollars. You can see my tutorial of how I make it hereI use this as my liquid/leave-in in the LCO or LOC methods. These are simply two different methods to moisturize and seal your hair. L = Liquid.. I’m sure I have said this before water is the only the true moisturizer so your LEAVE IN should have water in it as the 1st ingredient. C = cream or styler like a hair gel or jelly. O = oil. I actually do a good amount of LCO and LOC. It really depends on what products I’m using and the hairstyle. TIP: If I am doing a wash and go my styler will most likely be a gel. So after my aloe juice, I will add an actual leave in. If you feel like plain old aloe juice is not enough you can get fancy in your spray bottle and make it enough. You can add some vegetable glycerin, oil of your choice (I suggest to use one that penetrates the hair), and essential oils. If you’re not feeling that mixy you can just add some actual leave into your aloe juice. Make sure you shake it well before spraying.

  3. My favorite refresher is (bitch you guessed it) my aloe juice. Again, it’s like water… only better. Keeping your hair moisturized in between wash days is good for the health of your hair. I’m not sure anyone thinks dry hair is a good thing. I use this especially when I have my hair in a wash and go. I would say that almost daily I take off my bonnet, fluff my hair, spray it with my aloe juice and then maybe add a little oil to my ends with the “praying hands method.” Sometimes I will add a little bit of the actual styling product I used on wash day before the oil but I have found that since I have been using more moisturizing quality products and I always wear my bonnet at night, my aloe juice is enough. I have low porosity hair so I get build up easily, anything I can do to avoid that I am all for.

  4. I also use aloe juice to mix my clay masks/clay washes and as you guys have seen a few times, to blend ingredients for my DIY’s. 

These are just the 4 main ways that I like to use it but trust me when I say that the possibilities are endless. I know a lot of naturals add a little aloe juice to their shampoos to make them more gentle.

Aloe is also great for the skin!! I won't get into that but I definitely suggest you look into it especially if you have acne prone skin, dry skin, or you’re struggling with scars and dark spots. Check out this video of a YouTuber applying aloe to her skin 5 nights in a row. A quick search on Pinterest will also give you other DIY ways that you can use aloe on your skin.

I don’t think the smell is bad at all! If you decide to try this and the smell bothers you I would try adding some drops of Peppermint or Lavender essential oils for fragrance.

Have you ever used aloe on your hair? I love it because it's literally the cheapest and most effective moisturizer for my hair. Let me know if you give it a try.. It’s worth the mess!




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