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November 19, 2018 6 min read 1 Comment

Originally published on April 10, 2018

If the strengthening treatments are overwhelming for you, and you feel like you just aren’t on that level, this tea alone can still provide you with the benefits of using Ayurvedic powders in your hair care. All you have to do is add it to your regular routine. 

Using this tea regularly, will strengthen your hair like crazyyyyy. Stronger hair leads to longer hair! All that length you’re working hard to get, ain’t going anywhere because your hair won't be breaking off or shedding excessively. (Shedding is NORMAL.) I have never seen my natural hair this long or this healthy. I’m very familiar with my growth rate because I have had my hair longer than this in the past. When I used to chemically straighten my hair it took me YEARS to get it past bra strap length. My stretched hair right now is past bra strap length, not by much, but it’s there! I owe that growth 100% to everything I have been doing and sharing with you guys on this blog. Since I have been natural, I’ve been taking care of my hair really well, and it was still growing at its normal (slow as hell) pace. I never made it past shoulder length.

This infused tea is really easy to make and it’s really inexpensive. If you have already looked at the powders I keep mentioning then you know, they are really affordable! You can make so much with them and you get a lot of uses out of everything you make.
This is what you’re going to need.
  • Coffee mug or mason jar (to brew the tea)
  • Empty spray bottle (for storage after)
  • Cheesecloth or tights (to strain)
  • Ayurvedic herbs of choice
  • Essential oil (to act as an antiseptic)
The recipe below is very beginner friendly because it’s not too strong. Right now I am actually using a little more than this in my teas, although sometimes I will make a light infusion as well. It was kind of difficult for me to make this recipe since I have gone up in measurements but I practiced this one for you guys this weekend and it was perfect! I used Cassia, Amla, and Hibiscus. Because I have so many I usually just alternate and use 3 each time. I'm using Cassia to show that its interchangeable with Henna! 
You can definitely alter these measurements as you wish, go up or down depending on what you feel is enough for you. If you only have 1 powder right now, you can still make this tea. You can start off with 1 teaspoon of your powder or you can even do a full tablespoon if you have already been using it on your hair and you feel comfortable. If you researched any other powders on your own you can use those too. The technique is the same.
Remember that Henna is known to affect your hair color. If you don’t want that, use Cassia. (However!! The more I look into this the more I find that for Henna to be used for hair coloring, you have to leave the Henna paste on your hair for HOURS at a time. I spoke to my eyebrow lady about this recently. She offers Henna services in her salon. In her opinion, using it regularly in the strengthening treatments, infused oil and in this tea, will probably only prevent grey hairs from forming. She said she wasn’t surprised my hair color was not changing much. I encourage you to do your own research on this still because everyone's hair is different.)
First, put the powders into your mug, then add some hot water - enough to fill your mug. With the water, you want it to be hot but definitely not boiling! Especially if you are using Henna, absolutely no boiling water. Mix it very well and let it sit on your counter for at least 4 hours or overnight. Then strain out the powders, which you can still use for a strengthening treatment as I talked abouthere, then pour the tea into your spray bottle and add a few drops (2-3 is more than enough) of your essential oil. You can use Lavender, Rosemary, Tea Tree, or whichever one you’d like. Just make sure it's pure essential oil. If you aren't sure just read the ingredients.

All of these powders have amazing benefits for your hair! I will list just a few below.

Henna is great for hair growth because of how much strength it provides. It reduces breakage and shedding, it has conditioning properties, prevents dandruff, and it adds shine. Do I have to keep going?? Lol. A quick Google search will show you that this isn’t even everything!
Amla is packed with aridiculous amount of nutrients and they are all super beneficial to your hair. Like Henna, it strengthens and prevents breakage. Amla is also great for those who suffer from dry, flaky and itchy scalp and its high iron content also stimulates hair growth.
Brahmi is another powder that promotes strong and healthy hair. It’s filled with antioxidants that are actually used to treat baldness! The way that this powder coats and nourishes the hair follicle also allows it to prevent split ends.

Hibiscusis my favorite, not only because I have two tatted on my back, but because of the wonders it can do for dry, brittle, damaged hair. Like all of these powders it can be used a number of different ways - from cleansing to conditioning, Hibiscus strengthens your hair from root to tip, which leads to less breakage and more length retention.

If you aren’t ready forclay washes but you really want to use the cleansing aspect of this powder - add a little to your co-wash and thank me later sis. Make sure you rinse your hair well and follow up with a, you guessed it,moisturizing deep conditioner. I always emphasize moisture, especially after using any kind of strengthening powder.

Keep in mind that trimming those dead ends is just as important as anything. If you want healthy hair - dead/split ends got to go. They will only cause more breakage and shedding.
I use this tea throughout the week as I re-moisturize my hair. 1-3 times (varies)  I also spray my scalp with it. This tea can be strong, so I am conscious that I don’t overuse it. I usually do one week yes, one week no. 
On the days that I use the tea, I always follow up with a light moisturizer and then seal that in with my oil. Teas from powders like this can be a little drying. Please make sure you refrigerate your leftovers.
  • You can use this tea as a rinse like the ones I mentioned here. After you, shampoo, put the tea on your hair and scalp and then follow up with your deep conditioner. After deep conditioning, rinse very well.
  • This tea can also be used as you prep your hair for wash day. Let’s say you are about to pre-poo with an oil or maybe a deep conditioner mix, before you apply anything, use this tea to dampen your hair.
  • You can also spray this tea on your hair on wash day after you have used a moisturizing deep conditioner. Be sure to follow up with a moisturizing leave-in, and count that as one of the times you used the tea for the week.
Lastly, depending on how strong you make this tea and if you use Hibiscus (it's a pink powder), this tea can dye a bit. I haven't found that it stains, but it is a bit messy. When I use this tea, just like any other time I'm doing my hair, I hang a t-shirt around my neck. Of course, it can get on the floor, your counter or wherever if you don't spray carefully - but if you clean it up you'll be fine.
That’s it guys, thank you so much for reading! This is the last post stemming from my current regimen. You can find a detailed explanation and all the links to each step I made a post forhere. I hope you guys enjoyed this little mini-series. I'm glad that I'm done though because I have a lot more ideas for the future. This routine is amazing and I have really enjoyed the benefits!
Don’t forget to like this or share it with a friend! If you have any questions as always don’t hesitate to leave me a comment. r growing!

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