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November 21, 2018 5 min read

Originally published on May 23, 2018

Hi curlies, welcome back to my site! I know I am not as consistent as I would like to be with my posts but I appreciate you for coming back or stopping by if this is your first time.
Today I’m sharing something different with you all and it’s my very first product review! I’ve gone back and forth with whether or not I want to do reviews this like on my blog, mostly because I myself are skeptical of them. On more than one occasion I have watched bloggers and influencers review brands, promote the crap out of them, share their discount code with us, etc.; only to see them share their product stash months later and that same brand they loved so much is way at the bottom in the “don’t like/don’t use” section. It’s a business and I get it but gosh is it annoying. I have fallen into that trap way too many times and ended up buying what turned out to be garbage.Of course, everyone’s hair is different and will react differently to different ingredients, etc., but that doesn’t mean we can’t all be honest! Enough with the rant. This post isn’t sponsored like with everything else I say or do.
I decided to review this shampoo bar because I know I got a lot of you into clay washes with my post How To Cleanse Your Hair With Clay and just my Ayurvedic routine overall. I love clay washing but it’s a little messy, and for a beginner, it can be a little overwhelming.
Enter Bask & Bloom Essentials Rhassoul & Bentonite Clay Shampoo Bar. Yes, a shampoo bar! After trying a whipped shampoo I actually wasn’t skeptical at all about this, I was really excited. I had seen shampoo bars in action a few times on different Instagram naturals and I have been on Bask & Bloom’s email list for quite some time. They also have an Ayurveda infused deep conditioner that has Brahmi in it, one of the herbs I use all the time.
@Nappybynature_90, who has easily become one of my favorite product junkies, gifted me this product during her trivia giveaway. Now that I won, I’ll admit that I didn’t actually know the answer - I read through the comments and I chose the option no one had guessed yet, and I won! I never miss the opportunity to enter a giveaway because umm free stuff.
Per the ingredient list, this product only contains Distilled Water, Saponified oils of Coconut Oil, Palm Oil, Olive Oil, Sunflower Oil, Avocado Oil, Aloe Butter & Castor Oil, Rhassoul Clay, Bentonite Clay, Amla Powder, Honey and Essential Oil Blend for Fragrance.

So before I even used it I had high hopes. Amla?! Hellurrrr it’s the first Ayurvedic herb I ever used! I knew this was going to be something. My first time using the bar I was impressed, as I was my second and my third. I’m still following the same regimen I described here, only I have some protein deep conditioners I need to finish so I have been replacing my strengthening treatments with them, temporarily of course. Instead of clay washing every other week I have been using this shampoo bar. It cleans my hair and scalp extremely well. It gives me that squeaky clean feeling that I know, that I love, and that I NEED. However, with that squeaky clean feeling doesn’t come a “stripped completely” feeling, which is what I have always loved about clay washing. Did I mention that this isn’t messy?! If you have tried a clay wash then you already know. This shampoo bar lathers a bit, it smells great, and it isn’t messy!!! How can something so similar to clay washing be so opposite?! I don’t know but ladies I am hooked for life.

I would also like to note that the biggest difference between this shampoo bar and an actual clay wash is the strengthening aspect. After a clay wash, my hair is immediately strengthened, it feels and looks different then when I use a regular shampoo. After a clay wash my hair is clean as ever but begging for moisture. If you remember my clay wash recipe, I don't add any oils other than a few drops of Peppermint. I think because this shampoo bar contains a good amount of oils it leaves the hair really soft. That's not a bad thing, it's just a difference I noted.


This shampoo bar is also really big, and it’s only $9. *Did she just say $9??* Yes boo, $9. I almost couldn’t believe it myself. It can also be used on your skin.

Before I even used it I cut it in half. I put half away in my bathroom, and I kept the other half in my son's bathroom, where I shower 99% of the time because he is always in my room -___- I thought this would be a good idea to make the bar even more efficient.

The photo below was taken after my 3rd use. Again this is only half of the bar, I placed it on my hand like this for scale or something I don’t know, I wanted to show you guys how big this half is still. You definitely get a lot of bang for your buck; I’m still not over the fact that this bar is only $9. Also, if you travel sis, you need this!!

If clay washing is something that interests you, this shampoo bar can be a great alternative. Like I said, I was extremely impressed with how well it worked and how much product you get. I can’t even guess how many uses I’ll get out of this, but I’ll keep track.

Bask & Bloom Essentials is a Black-owned business that I mentioned in my last post. If you want to try this brand I suggest you follow them on Insta and sign up for their mailing list. They will send you a 15% discount right away!


I hope you guys enjoyed this review! If you decide to try it, I would love to know your thoughts on it.


As always thank you for reading! If you aren’t subscribed yet I would love it if you scrolled down and did so. I’m still doing random giveaways with every blog post. I have a bunch of unused products I need to get rid of. The winning commenter from my last post received 3 hair products and one sheet mask I threw in for fun lol.


Have you tried a shampoo bar? Would you if you haven't yet?


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