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November 21, 2018 4 min read 3 Comments

Originally published on May 2, 2018

Hellurrr shorties and welcome back to my site! Dominican Curly is my baby/hobby/how I feed my brain until I figure out how I’m going to quit my day job, so I really appreciate you stopping by.
If there is one thing I have learned in my journey as a product junkie, it's that QUALITY MATTERS. I've tried everything from Cantu to DevaCurl and the reason why I even became a "junkie," is because I was constantly looking for products that worked. A little later in my natural hair journey, I started to pay attention to quality ingredients and let's not even go there!! *Throw the whole hair aisle away!!* I joke... To make the long story short and get to the point - although there are some great black-owned hair care companies widely available in stores like Eden BodyWorks, Camille Rose Naturals, CURLS, and Mielle Organics, just to name a few - there is also hundreds of not so known, smallerhair companies, producing natural hair gems like you have no idea. The reason I emphasize small and black-owned... When you buy from one of these companies you're supporting your own community! You're helping a stay at home mom stay at home, you're helping a family pay for their kid's college tuition, you're helping a small business owner profit from what they love to do, and if they grow, they might be able to be sold in stores one day as well. Koils by Nature, for example, is now available at Target! I have also seen that Obia Naturals and Curls Dynasty are making their way into the isles as well. Let's face it, most of us love hair products and we like them to be from different companies. I don't know anyone who uses only one brand.
It doesn't have to be so difficult to find products that actually moisturize and strengthen curly, coily and kinky hair. It's actually quite easy when the person making the product has your hair type.

This is simply a list to introduce you to other brands! Some of these I have tried and most are on my wish list. Too many people aren't aware of anything other than what they see in stores and it's really a shame because like I said - there are some real gems. Follow them on Insta or sign up for their mailing lists! When you sign up, most give you a small discount and then flash sales and such are usually promoted on their social media accounts. Ooh and giveaways duh! I recently won the entire line of brand #20, and that wasn't my first time I have actually tried a few of these brands through giveaways. 


1. Chanel Imani, LLC
2. Annabelle's Perfect Blends - Discount Code CONSYTEN
14. Rizos Curls (I believe the owner of this company is Mexican, one time for Latinas!)
Those are all the brands on my radar at this time, but like I said there is way more! I hope this encourages you to think beyond the ethnic (or whatever they call it in your state) hair aisle and try something different. A lot of the companies I listed also hand make their products in small batches. The quality and the consistency is really unmatched. Often times I wonder if I ever really knew what "moisturized" was. Spoiler - I didn't.



I wanted to include the above collage as well, just to put ingredients into perspective. Remember that ingredient lists always go in order of concentration. I said previously that I used Cantu so this is not intended in a shady way. On the left, we have the ingredients of the Cantu Leave-In and on the right, we have the Moisturizing Hair Creme from Annabelle's Perfect Blends last Pop Up Box. Pop up boxes are her bundle sales that usually include 5-6 full-size products. They typically include a co-wash or a shampoo, a deep conditioner, an oil, styling products, etc. The next one goes on sale May 18th. Below are the last 2 boxes!




If you read all this you might as well slide down and subscribe boo! 

3 Responses


March 04, 2020

I didn’t know about this thanks for the info

October 21, 2019

My name is Emily i am an African lady I like to use your products for my salon is for teenagers and kids please send me the code for which I can start

Rachal Prince
Rachal Prince

April 02, 2019

Love this list! Could you please check out Lil Little and add it to your list?

I am Black owned and only use quality ingredients. Thank you in advance!

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