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November 08, 2018 3 min read

Originally published on January 4, 2018


It’s really simple, quick, and you can customize the recipe however you like! I’m going to keep this post short and sweet.

I wanted to at least photograph this but of course, my son was playing hide and seek with my phone. I could have looked for it right away but that would have been a waste, he was actually in the living room distracted and playing with some toys; this was my only chance. Below is a list of what I used…

Most of these items I got from Amazon. I love online shopping. I get so much satisfaction from tracking shipments and getting mail it's a little sickening. I get that same Avocado oil I linked from my grocery store - it's actually cheaper there! My hand mixer is from Walmart, it was a gift from my boyfriend's mom. I have yet to make chocolate chip cookies from scratch and that was on my 2017 goals list. Smh what a fail.

To begin put the shea butter in a bowl big enough for mixing. Then place it on the stove using the “double boiler method.” This is when you put the bowl in a pot of hot water. You don’t want to do this for too long literally just a minute or maybe even less. The point of this is just to very slightly melt it so that you can whip it easier. I also heard that this will allow it to stay fluffy and creamy as opposed to hardening a few days in. I can say though that last time I made this I didn't do this and this time it was immediately way softer and easier to mix for sure. Update - it does the trick!! Then just add the oils and whip it up. The mixer I have has like 8 speeds I use the first one. I didn’t time myself but I would say I was mixing for about 10-15 minutes. My advice is to mix it even more. The more you mix the creamier and fluffier it will be. When you think it looks done and your absolutely over it… take a breather… and mix it some more. Trust me it's not enough. When I went to pour it into my mason jar I realized I could have done way more.

I choose avocado oil because like coconut oil it can actually penetrate your hair shaft. Both oils have a number of amazing hair benefits but we already discussed that in a previous post. I added grapeseed oil because that is the oil I use on my face and I will use this on my body as well. The orange oil is not needed at all. I didn’t plan on using it but I wasn’t crazy about the smell of this mix. It wasn’t bad but I wanted to tone it down a bit and I did. It still smells mostly like shea butter and it doesn't have a strong citrus smell either. I was able to fill an entire 16 oz mason jar and then a little more into a plastic container. I put some on my skin and right away I knew I was going to be happy with this batch! My skin loved it. Don’t get caught ashy in 2018, okrr.

Feel free to experiment with this recipe using your favorite oils and let me know how it works for you! You’ll notice that I often use the same few oils and that’s because I have tried a ton and these are ones I’ve been sticking with because they work well for me.


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