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November 21, 2018 4 min read 4 Comments

Originally published on August 6, 2018

Hellur curl friends, welcome back to Dominican Curly. My blog is for all things natural hair, especially natural recipes such as these. If you’re new to my site and enjoy these kinds of things - I would love it if you subscribed. <3
I know we’re supposed to deep condition every time we wash our hair. I agree with that 100%. For me, a deep conditioning session is after I have washed my hair, usually for 20-30 minutes, with my heated cap. As much as I would love to do that every single wash day, and believe me I do as often as I can, pre-poo’s work a lot better for me! Yes, even though I am applying them to dirty hair! I know y’all know the struggle of having to get out the shower - then back in the shower. Let’s be honest, it really is a drag!

The most popular way to pre-poo is simply with an oil or an oil blend. My oil works amazing for a pre-poo (use code TY10 for 10% off). I pretty much pre-poo every other time I wash my hair. If I’m going to do a full deep conditioning session,I’ll use some oil to massage my scalp and detangle a bit prior to washing. If I know I’m busy that day and will only leave my deep conditioner on in the shower for about 10 minutes, I pre-poo with something a little extra, to make sure my hair gets more love.

I leave these treatments in anywhere from 20-40 minutes, but I have left them on longer because I’m running around. The ingredients I use are always 100% natural so I’m not worried about them causing any damage. I also don’t worry about build up, because if I’m doing something like this I’m definitely about to shampoo/clarify.

Today I’m sharing 10 pre-poo recipes that only require two ingredients each! 

1. Avocado and Extra Virgin Olive Oil
  • Avocados are rich in vitamins, they contain protein, iron, amino acids and folic acid which all aid in hair growth and length retention.

2. Banana and Coconut Oil
  • “Bananas improve manageability and shine, prevent and control dandruff, and moisturize your scalp. Bananas are rich in potassium, natural oils, carbohydrates, and vitamins, which help soften the hair and protect the hair's natural elasticity, preventing split ends and breakage.” []

3. Honey and Avocado Oil
  • Honey is great scalp soother and has antifungal properties to make sure your hair stays healthy.

4. Egg and Coconut Oil
  • If you have healthy low porosity or protein sensitive hair, store-bought protein treatments can be too strong and might leave your hair dry and brittle. I’ve been there more than once! Incorporating an egg or an avocado into your pre-poo once or twice a month might work well for you. Our hair still needs protein, just less. You really have to observe your hair and learn what works best for you.

5. Aloe Vera Gel and Extra Virgin Olive Oil
  • Aloe Vera is a natural moisturizer, and one of the main reasons we experience damaged hair is because it’s dry.

6. Jojoba Oil and Extra Virgin Olive Oil
  • Each oil has its own individual benefits, but overall they are all great to add to a pre-poo. They are filled with nutrients and antioxidants and they are very versatile.

7. Coconut Milk and Honey
  • Like coconut oil, coconut milk penetrates the hair cuticle and reduces protein and moisture loss. If your hair is protein sensitive like mine, I recommend using coconut oil or coconut milk every other week or every two weeks. I also recommend that you use this oil or milk in a pre-poo or mixed with your deep conditioner, as opposed to using it to style. I’ve seen that a lot of naturals online dislike coconut oil - but I also think they are using it incorrectly. Like globing on tons of coconut oil on DRY hair and expecting it to moisturize. Please don’t add anything to dry hair lol. #rantover

8. Coconut Milk and Avocado
9. Coconut Oil and Molasses
  • Molasses revitalizes hair and helps to restore hair color.

10. Coconut Oil and Ginger Root tea/juice
  • Ginger root contains magnesium, potassium, fatty acids and other vitamins your hair needs to stay strong.

My pre-poo application is always the same no matter what I'm using. I dampen my hair with water, DIY aloe juice, or a hair tea. I apply it in sections and finger detangle as I go. I cover my hair with a plastic cap/bag until I’m ready to shampoo and condition. All my conditioners are deep conditioners but since I already did a treatment - I’ll only leave it on for the duration of my shower and then my wash day is complete.

Tip: when you’re in the shower, before you start shampooing, rinse your hair with lots and lots of water!

That’s all from me for today! If you use any of these recipes, let me know how you like it. If it inspires you to make your own pre-poo recipe share that with me too. I’m always improvising and working with what I got. I have another pre-poo recipe posted here which is also super yummy for your hair and might give you some more inspiration.



4 Responses


October 06, 2020

So, curly girls FYI for afro curly hair I found out the HARD way that you should keep your hair in sections AFTER you remove your plastic cap then rinse, wash and add your conditioner in quadrants. I have a lot of hair and used four over ripe bananas in my ‘fridge, organic aloe vera juice & melted coconut oil. I didn’t blend this mix as suggested I have a small NYC kitchen and have to go thru hurdles to get at some of my lesser used appliances, so I whipped with a whisk this recipe by hand. I had enough to cover my hair with no waste. After conditioning for 30 minutes I unfortunately had so much residue throughout my hair (perhaps my bananas were too ripe) and I used an obscene amount of water to rinse my hair over and over. Ultimately I ended up rewashing my hair in sections, applying conditioner to comb through each section and rinsing again thoroughly. Usually, I wash twice but three times was necessary this time. Combing through was important with a wide tooth comb then finer combs to remove the banana pulp. Whew! It was ALOT of work to get the residue of mashed banana out of my hair. So, if there are any tips for us about how ripe the fruit should be or any specific ratio of ingredients to cover root to tips. I might try this again because now I know what not to do, but the panic that set in when I thought I would never get all the pulp out of my hair I wouldn’t wish on anyone. So, keep calm and curly on from me to you boos xoxox


June 23, 2020

I love this and this is so helpful. Is there a recipe for the pre poos? I love the egg and olive oil (I have low porosity hair) but i don’t know how much to use on my hair, or how much of each ingredient should be used.



July 05, 2019

Thxx much i have gets new tips abt pre poo.


July 05, 2019

Thxx much i have gets new tips abt pre poo.

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