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October 02, 2019 2 min read 2 Comments

Hey there curlies! Thanks for checking out this blog post today! Before or after you read it, make sure you stop by my last post right here. Also, are you subscribed? Definitely click here if you aren’t because I might do asubscriber-only giveaway very soon. It won’t be promoted on my social media. 

I wanted to share the DIY Scalp Scrub I have been using these last couple of months. Our scalp isskin, like the rest of our body, and greatly benefits from exfoliation. Regardless of your hair texture or type, it’s possible that you experience product build-up. This can lead to dandruff, itchy scalp and can pause your new growth. Along with regular cleansing (with shampoo, not just co-washing), this simple yet effective scrub helps unclog hair follicles. Leading to faster, healthier hair growth. 

I would recommend that you use this scrub once a month, but as always, please do what works best for you. I apply the scrub on my wet scalp prior to shampooing. Below is an example of a recent wash routine I did using this scrub. 

This is the link for the Hair Tea I used. Because I’m currently dealing with postpartum hair shedding, I have been consistently incorporating it into my wash day routines one way or the other (pre-poo with or without the Ayurvedic Oil, rinse, or leave-in). 

The best part about this recipe is that you only needthreeingredients and it takestwominutes to make! Below is the exact recipe I used. It turned out to be a little more than I needed, but previously I wasn't making enough. 


Brown Sugar
Sugar is a natural exfoliator with no negative side effects. It will unclog those follicles! 


Olive Oil 
This oil has the ability to penetrate the hair and scalp. It fights infections caused by bacteria and improves blood circulation. In this step, it also helps retain moisture as your hair and scalp won't be stripped completely by the shampoo.


Essential Oils
These are concentrated oils with tons of benefits for healthy hair. They soothe and stimulate the scalp. They have anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties and they promote hair growth through improved circulation. I usedRosemary Essential Oil. Other great options: Tea Tree, Peppermint, Lavender, Clary Sage, Eucalyptus, etc. 


While rinsing out this scrub my hair and scalp felt absolutely amazing! Shampooing was a breeze and after I rinsed out my deep conditioner my scalp was squeaky clean! Just like I like it. 

So curlies, do you ever exfoliate your scalp? Why, or why not? Will you try this scrub? I’m definitely glad I added this to my natural hair goodie bag because I love the feeling of a clean scalp! Remember, all healthy hair will grow - but it can’t grow from a clogged scalp. 



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October 18, 2019

Great post sis! I’ll have to try this because I have never exfoliated my scalp. I’m sure this would help a lot!

Candace Montgomery
Candace Montgomery

October 03, 2019

Great post! I will try this.

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