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April 19, 2019 4 min read 6 Comments

Hey, curlies welcome back to my site! If this is your first time reading I would love it if you scrolled down and subscribed! You can also click hereand do so.

Deep conditioning is essential for healthy natural hair for a number of reasons. I have had a few posts on the topic already - but let’s recap below.

  • Helps your hair retain moisture
  • Helps maintain moisture/protein balance
  • Helps repair damage
  • Prevents breakage
  • Promotes elasticity
  • Aids in length retention - healthy hair, will grow!

In my opinion, a great deep conditioner makes a great wash day! Sure there are other steps I don’t miss, like cleansing, of course. But, if you aren’t following up with deep conditioning, your hair simply won't retain moisture! That is what natural hair requires to thrive.

Today I want to share my must-have deep conditioners. Out of all the products I use and keep in my stash, deep conditioners are what I have the most of, and what I‘m also willing to spend a little more money on. This list won't be in any particular order. If a product made it, it’s because I absolutely love it and I have or will repurchase.  These deep conditioners are also all Black-owned! 

I personally don’t use rinse out conditioners any more and I haven’t for some time. I go right to deep conditioning! So I won’t even add to these descriptions that the product hasgreat slip andallows me to detangle easily. If the product DOESN’T do that - it’s not the product for me. These are all silicone free as well. I have discount codes for some brands but this post is in no way sponsored and I state only my honest opinions, as per usual.


She Scent It - Royal Honey & Argan Hair Mask 

This was the first product I tried from this brand and I have since ordered another 2 times! The moisture this conditioner provides is truly amazing. High on the ingredient list are raw honey, argan oil, and marshmallow root. The company claims that it’s formulated to recover moisture loss and keep hair hydrated for days, 100% percent agree. The product itself is not too thick or too thin, and still penetrates my hair great - with or without added heat. You can watch this conditioner in action here.  


Pydana Collection - Avocado & Babassu Deep Moisture Treatment 

Another bomb conditioner, this one is thick and creamy!! That’s typically not my preference, but I have to admit I was impressed. Whenever I use this product I make sure that I have time to add heat. (I have low porosity hair that is on the thinner side) I use the Thermal Cap from this same brand. After rinsing, my hair feels truly moisturized anda little strengthened. Avocado is a great ingredient for preventing breakage and Babassu oil repairs damage! Like I said in my Instagram review here, if you’re transitioning, have damage or struggle with dry hair - you should try this! This product also contains keratin amino acids, per the owner, these provide extreme hydration and moisture. I agree, this product definitely provides intensemoisture. You can use CONSY15 for 15% off.


Naturally United Curls - Avocado Deep Conditioner, with Protein 

This protein treatment is a must have for sure. Whether you have high or low porosity hair, you still need protein, just different amounts. As a low porosity natural, I find that my hair only needs protein every 4-6 weeks. This conditioner smells great, and is thin enough to penetrate my hair on contact. You can watch it in action here. The one in my cover photo is the protein free option I decided to try recently. The owner is no longer offering it on her site, but don’t worry - I think the protein option is WAY BETTER! I recommend that you sign up for her email list and look out for sales, her customer service is impeccable and the products speak for themselves.


Annabelle's Perfect Blends - Extreme Hydration Conditioning Mask 

As some of you might already know, this has been my #1 brand for a while now. It was hard to pick only ONE deep conditioner as literally every single one that I have tried is truly a favorite. The Extreme Hydration Conditioning Mask is simply the one I have in rotation at this time. It smells divine, like candy, rainbows, and unicorns. The consistency is perfection; thick enough for high porosity hair, yet thin enough to penetrate low porosity hair as well. As the name implies, extreme hydration is exactly what it provides. This is part of a bundle - which if you haven’t yet tried this brand I highly recommend you start off with one of these! My code CONSYTEN - works for everything except bundles and sales.

Other conditioners from this brand in my stash waiting to be used - Blueberry Cheesecake Deep Conditioner  - Strawberry Mango and Aloe Moisturizing Conditioner  - Honey Molasses Conditioning Treatment *contains protein* 

Chanel Imani LLC - Lavender Deep Moisture Masque 

I wanted to throw in one more protein treatment! This is another that doesn’t disappoint. Although protein is the last ingredient, it still works as a protein treatment for me because my hair is just very sensitive to it (protein). The lavender smell is nice and soothing, not overpowering at all. It penetrates my hair extremely well, and I find that after only 10-15, I have all the protein I need and my hair feelsbalanced. This brand is small but mighty! I know if you try this product you won't regret it. The label came off my bottle, but she has new ones now!

Those are my current must-haves. Like I said before, I love deep conditioners! I have more than I listed here but these are the ones I have been reaching for the most these last few months. Whether my hair needs moisture or protein - I know I’ll get exactly what I need with any of these.

Do you always deep condition? What is your must-have product right now?! I am always looking to try new ones!

Thank you for reading. If you enjoyed this post, feel free to share it on Pinterest or send this link to your natural hair bestie.

Take care!



6 Responses


April 20, 2019

I love this. DC is a step that nobody should skip. Great review and these are amazing, xoxoxo


April 19, 2019

I’ve never tried those products but I’ve been wanting to try them because I’ve heard a lot of good things about them.


April 19, 2019

I’ve never tried those products but I’ve been wanting to try them because I’ve hesrd a lot of good things about them.


April 19, 2019

Good review Consy i really appreciate all the information you provide to us . Great info to take in for people like me , who is embracing my natural curly hair… I definitely would love to try the Annabelle’s, perfect blends i hear lots of good reviews in this product.
Xoxoxo…. Candy


April 19, 2019

The annabell’s extreme hydration deep conditioner is definitelyyyyyyyyy amazing. I love to use protein since my hair is high porosity and this June only makes 2 years since I stopped using heat. I ordered her Kertain protein deep conditioner that you recommended. But I definitely have the Pydana Collection – Avocado & Babassu Deep Moisture Treatment one on my list to try next!


April 19, 2019

Great post sis! I deep condition every wash day, it’s a priority in my routine and has been since I was transitioning! I haven’t tried my She Scent It DC yet but now I will after seeing your review! I also never heard of Chanel Imani so I’ll be checking that brand out too!!

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