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December 09, 2018 5 min read 3 Comments

Hi Curlies! Welcome to the first post of my new blog. I doubt anything will be different between this blog and my old blog, but after launching a new and improved site - it seemed fitting.

As you may already know, with this site came my shop! You can now purchase my very first natural hair product, along with hair accessories I’m obsessed with! More products and accessories are coming in the new year, along with some other items I have in mind.

Here is the link to my Ayurvedic Multipurpose Hair Oil. As you can see in the description, this oil can be used a number of ways and trust me when I say I use it for everything!!

This product is a blend of eight different oils, each providing their own unique hair care benefits; and it is infused with Ayurvedic herbs that have been known to aide in healthy hair growth for thousands of years.

Today I want to highlight my three favorite ways to use this oil. I’ll share all about how and why I do it! I do believe that this oil and the techniques I use have helped my hair grow faster, however, please keep in mind that I do maintain a healthy diet. I eat a lot of fruits, vegetables, whole grains and I drink water and herbs like it’s no ones business! I will indulge in a craving every now and then, and I’m still working on letting cheese go, but I do my best. The rate at which your hair grows is also genetic! All my life my hair has grown on the slower side. I used to look at pictures and ask my mom why she always cut my hair so short - she didn't. Even while chemically straightening my hair it took meyearsto get bra strap length. This is another reason why I trust and believe in my oil as much as I do. I think combined with a healthy lifestyle and consistent hair care, it can help you reach your length goals as well. Overall though, I always recommend that you focus on the health of your hair, the length will come! My entire healthy hair regimen is here.


If you aren’t new here - you already know I love to pre-poo my hair! If you are new, let’s chat. A pre-poo is a treatment you apply to your hair prior to shampooing. It’s most commonly done with an oil or a blend of oils. Pre-poo’s help your hair retain moisture during the shampoo process, which can sometimes be stripping. They can also help prevent breakage and excessive shedding. I pre-poo with my oil every other week, but there are times (depending on the hair style and/or products used) when I will pre-poo two weeks in a row. During my pre-poo, I take the opportunity togentlyfinger detangle my hair and I also massage my scalp. Something that I have found to be necessary with pre-poo’s - I never apply to hair that is completely dry. Water is the ultimate form of moisture. I think if you’re expecting something to penetrate you hair, it needs to at least be damp! Before I apply my oil, I always damp my hair with water, aloe juice or a hair tea blend. Lastly, I work in sections and again - I am very gentle! I take as much time as I need to. My goal is to only shed the hair that is necessary and to prevent breakage. Here is a video showing exactly how I do this. I leave the oil on for at least 30 minutes, sometimes a few hours, and very seldom over night. 


Scalp Massager

I also massage my scalp with my oil throughout the week. It definitely varies, so I would say 1-3 times a week. I put a couple drops on my hands and I massage for a few minutes. It feels really good! I do this as part of my morning routine, but I know a lot of people do this at night too. Massaging your scalp is great for promoting hair growth because it improves blood circulation. Regular scalp massages with an oil such as this one, can also help with dandruff, and dry or itchy scalp. My advice would be that you don't use too much oil when doing this. You want to get the blood flowing, but you don't want to clog your pores. This blend contains my two favorite essential oils (for hair), Peppermint and Tea tree. Both of these oils have a cooling effect and are antiseptic, making them powerhouses for relieving scalp issues.


After I moisturize my hair, I alwaysseal that moisture in with my oil. I can honestly say that since I started doing this consistently I have seen a huge improvement not only in the way my hair retains moisture but also in the health of my ends. Healthy ends are important for length retention. If your ends are breaking off at the same rate your hair is growing, you won't see that length. Trust me, I've been there!! I mostly use the L.O.C method, which is Liquid/Leave-in, oil, and then cream. “Cream” is whatever styler I am using, sometimes I may not use one at all. If I refresh throughout the week, I'll use this same method. See examples here, and here.

Before I got the formulation down for this oil, I used Grapeseed oil but it was too light. I used Castor oil but it was too heavy. I loved coconut oil, but whenever I used it on its own I felt it was lacking something. I used a much simpler infused oil to pre-poo, but it was too heavy and could only be used for that. While working on this blend it was really important that I get something that could truly bemultipurpose. If you purchased this oil and you think it's too heavy for you hair, trying using less! It's very concentrated and a little can go a long way.

So that’s it, those are my three favorite ways to use my oil. They aren’t the only ways, I recently posted this video on my Instagram of yet another technique. Also amazing for moisture retention and preserving those ends.

If you purchased my oil, I appreciate you so much! I hope you enjoy using it. If you haven’t yet - I have a promotion going on right now. If your purchase a scarf and an oil, codeDC20 will save you 20%! Offer expires on Friday December 14th at 9pm or before if the scarves sell out! 

If you have any questions about my oil or hair care in general, don’t hesitate to ask. You can comment below, email, or send me a private message on Instagram.

Enjoy the Holidays, I’ll check in with you guys again in 2019! I have a lot in store both for my blog and for my shop. I hope you stick around!



3 Responses


December 11, 2018

I’m so proud of you on starting your new blog and finally selling your products! Thank you for always sharing amazing hair care tips. I’ve just purchased my Ayurvedic oil and can’t wait to report the results!


December 09, 2018

Great post sis! I’m so excited to use your oil to pre-poo, seal, and scalp massage! I may also add some to my deep conditioners. You’re right, hair care also comes with a healthy lifestyle (diet) so everyone can’t expect the same amount of growth as another person. Either way, I’m hoping this oil helps my scalp issues I’ve been having! I’m pretty sure it will! Congrats on launching it again ♥️


December 09, 2018

Very informative. My hair was dry and brittle last night and for the first time in a year i pre poo’d with oil and a hair cream. I used my qredew to add moisture and when i washed this morning it was so much better. I think i will follow your lead with every other week. I am looking for a good oil too. Cant wait to try this.

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